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The Importance of Re-piping Your Home

Copper re-piping is basically completely replacing all the existing hot and cold water pipes in our home. Copper pipes are commonly used to replace galvanized water pipes. Today, however, the option to use plastic polymers have been made available.

Copper pipes and fittings are used to replace your old pipes when re-piping your home. Re-piping, though, is not limited to water pipes. It can also be applied to gas and sewer pipes.

When there is scale buildup in a metallic piping system, it is very difficult to remove this buildup effectively and so homeowners are forced to re-pipe their entire plumbing system. Unless you replace the whole plumbing system, your pipes will remain scaled or corroded and your plumbing problems will continue.

Leaky pipes, wet foundation, drop in water pressure, bad water odor or taste, and rusty water clearly indicate that something is wrong with your piping system and therefore needs to be re-piped.

If there is a real need to re-pipe your home, then you should look for a company that can offer you the best re-piping service. An experienced company that uses new plumbing technologies and asks for a reasonable price is the best re-piping company to choose. It should be a licensed and bonded company that is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

It will not take a long time for the best re-piping company to complete the job and the prices that they charge are very reasonable. Re-piping usually takes just one day. Re-piping specialists can professionally re-pipe your home for about half the price of a typical plumber or plumbing contractor who does not specialize in re-piping. With a re-piping specialist, you are assured that they provide you with excellent quality of materials and craftsmanship.

Holes are usually bored in your walls when re-piping is being done. Re-piping specialists have qualified and experienced technicians who are trained to professionally patch the walls and provide you with a smooth, clean surface and keep your house neat and clean. Your floors are also protected while they work and at the end of the day, they see to it that everything is cleaned up.

If you re-pipe your entire plumbing system you will no longer have leaky pipes, your water will be clean and rust-free, you will have better volume and water flow, your water will taste better, etc.

You can retain good water pressure even as you shower, wash dishes, water the lawn, do your laundry and use faucets at the same time.

Don’t ignore problems in your pipes because re-piping is too costly. If you do, you will soon find yourself facing water damage which is far more expensive to restore than the expense of re-piping.

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