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Tips On Writing a Great Short Story

If you are a new writer or have not written a short story for a while, writing one my not be as easy. There is always this pattern that will eventually come up when it comes to great short story writing, in as much as everyone has their own way of writing. These are things that will have to be there for your story to be the best. There are three things that will be really vital before you can even go to writing and they include an idea, the right devices and utensils and enough time.

There is a difference between the story that you can tell a friend over the tea, the funny and crazy story, and then there is the art short story form that comes with the whole package of styles, descriptions, plot and characters. Before you get down to business,, you start with the story that you can tell to a friend. This is a story that you should write in one sitting, no research, no breaks, just tell the story. The next thing will be to find the protagonist and in as much as this may seem like an easy step it is not. After that, you will then need to find the protagonist of your story and in as much as this may seem obvious and simple, sometimes it is not. The next thing after that will be to identify the protagonist of your story, and this is where many people go wrong as they think that this is easy and direct. The protagonist is the person the hubs your story and whose destiny gives your story the meaning, not necessarily the ‘good guy’ of the story or even that narrator.

Among the very important things that the story will need are s great first line as this has the power to glue the readers to the story. The first line should include an imitation, surprise and a voice too. You should be able to make the line clear and at the same time tell the entireness of the story. It is very important that you break the story into scenes as this will help you give it some life, organize it and show you where more work are needed.

This is the part then the research will come in. There are writers that do not do any research and this usually leaves the story unclear and undeveloped, and doing it too early will distort the direction. On the other hand, if you want too long then the story will be disrupted by the research and you will not ask specific questions. After you have your protagonist, first line, scene list and the research, the next thing will be to write and edit. Publishing is another very important step. You start with getting feedbacks from a small group of readers or friends, then a larger group of expert writers. Getting the story out there to the world is the final step.

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