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Factors That You Should Put Into Consideration When Developing A Character

Stories are mainly made up of certain characters. These characters are included in the events of the story. Subsequently, characters are used to develop the plot of the story. It should be noted that authors and storytellers take their time to develop the characters. This is because these characters have to serve a certain purpose in the entire story. Here are some of the guidelines when it comes to character development.

You should start off by naming the characters. It is not sensible to have nameless characters. Well, you cannot determine who is who when you do not have the names. It should be noted that coming up with names can be a daunting task. For starters, you should pick a name that resonates well with the readers. Naming should also be done with consideration of the culture of the character.

Moreover, you are tasked with elaborating on the nature of the character. Under this, you are supposed to explain to the readers the physique, age, and behavior among other things. That is why you should go beyond the naming step. Readers need to familiarize with the characters as much as possible. Moreover, this description also aids to capture the emotion of the readers. As you describe the character, you should imagine what will go through the mind of the reader. As you do this, you should ask yourself whether the character is turning out as you would want. Failure to conceptualize this can easily lead to loss of readers.

You should further strive to include a backstory. You should further include a background of where the character is coming from. For instance, you can have a princess that hails from a prestigious family. Such stories help to capture the attention of the reader. This aspect also makes it easy to bring out the behavior of the character. However, you are advised to make sure that the story rhymes throughout.

Subsequently, you are advised to make the character human or realistic. Basically, it is expected that you will give him or her the vulnerabilities that humans have. For example, you can show that the character gets stressed or sad. You should note that some readers treasure characters that are human-like. Additionally, you should desist from indicating that the character is 100% perfect. This will likely bring boredom to the storyline. Additionally, you should include vulnerabilities that are relatable to human lives.

You should only dwell on the flaws but also on the strengths of the characters. You can choose to state that the characters are heroes.

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Short Course on Help – What You Should Know

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